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PM’s economic advisory council reconstituted

The government on Wednesday announced that it had reconstituted the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council for a period of two years.

“Government of India has reconstituted the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (EAC-PM) for a period of two years with effect from September 26, 2019,” it said in a statement. “Dr. Bibek Debroy and Shri Ratan P. Watal will continue to be the chairman and member secretary, respectively, of the reconstituted EAC-PM.”

The release added that the EAC-PM would have two part-time members apart from the two full-time members. Ashima Goyal will be retained as a part-time member and joined by Sajjid Chenoy, currently JP Morgan’s chief India economist.

“Apart from these two full-time members, the EAC-PM will have two part-time members,” the release added. “While Dr. Ashima Goel continues to be one of the part-time members, Dr. Sajjid Chinoy has been made as another part-time member.”

What the government did not expressly mention was that, with this structure and appointments, the two dissenting members Rathin Roy and Shamika Ravi have not been retained.


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