A space for artistic expression

In today’s fast-paced world there seems to be a dearth of places where one can foster artistic expression. To address this lack, two friends — Padmalatha Ravi and Deepika Mogilishetty — started a creative community space called kaTTe. In Kannada, kaTTe means a platform built around trees where people, in the olden days, would meet, talk and showcase their skills and ideas. In the modern context, KaTTe primarily functions as a cultural centre that hosts a variety of events from documentary making and film screenings to robotics workshops for children and discussions on mental health issues.

A space for artistic expression

Located in Indirangar, kaTTe is a lush green duplex with ample space to host live music programmes, workshops and other events. One can also work on a manuscript or meet with clients there.

“There is some energy about this space that invigorates everyone who walks in. kaTTe is all about being in a creative environment, where one has complete freedom to be culturally active. Initially, we used this space for our own events, such as a photography exhibition and a mental health project called Unboxed. Following a terrific response, we decided to start officially in January this year,” says Padmalatha.

A space for artistic expression

When Padmalatha, an independent journalist and filmmaker, came across Deepika’s non-functional gallery space, the two decided to collaborate and contribute more to their diverse areas of interests. The duo met in 2012 through a Bengaluru-based running group and have been friends since then.

A lawyer by profession, Deepika added that KaTTe is also an alternative space for people unable to find an opportunity on commercial platforms. “It’s for people who have always been shy to make their debut in a social setting. The music band Post Office Town made their debut at KaTTe,” she says.A non-profit making venture, they have conducted innovative art pop-up events celebrating poetry, dance and theatre among others.

Padmalatha beams with excitement as she shares their upcoming project called ‘Protest Imagery’ that will showcase photographs, musics, films etc. featuring innovative and creative ways that people have used to protest in the past.

“Globally, we are in a politically volatile space, but some of us don’t know what it takes to protest. When we were younger, we didn’t have any opportunities to protest, but now it is not the same. Hopefully, our upcoming project will inspire people to take a stand for what they believe in,” she says.

Padmalatha and Deepika are also planning to curate more events and workshops for children because they believe that besides education, one should have an exposure to art, music, literature and theatre.

KaTTe- The Creative Community is in 545, 4th Cross, 6th Main Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Indirangar.


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