Go on, express yourself

Golden tresses, a shimmery white dress, stilettos and a tiara for the queen. Kushboo was certainly dressed for the occasion as they welcomed the gathering for the ‘T-party’ held at Shoonya recently.

Addressing the crowd of around 50, Kushboo says, “I started performing drag at home with a torn bedsheet and a ratty wig while listening to ‘Gods and Monsters’ by Jessica Lange. The idea behind the T-party is to have a space where people can perform and express themselves and that’s why I have called you all here. I want to promote queer culture in the city.”

Go on, express yourself

The T-party’s theme was based on Alice in Wonderland. Playing cards were strung over a table with small cups, with a ‘Drink Me’ sign, containing a red liquid.

As for the letter ‘T’, Dipankar, the creative head at Shoonya, says: “T is drag lingo for Truth and it also stands for tea as in ‘spilling the tea’ (to share the gossip). The idea was to have a queer event in a non-queer specific space and to make it a safe space for everyone.”

The night’s performances began with Kushboo lip-syncing ‘Self-Control’ by Laura Branigan. K-pop superfan Joshua George, then, sang in Korean and English. Bharath Savithri Divakar performed a powerful piece of spoken word poetry.

Avril Stormy Unger sang Amy Winehouse’s ‘Love is a Losing Game’. Gurumurthy performed ‘Le Chale’ from My Brother… Nikhil and Rimi Heart sang Rihanna’s ‘Love on the Brain’ and ‘Hallelujah’ by Jeff Buckley.

Srinivas R, affectionately called Srinivas uncle by the staff, who attends every event at Shoonya, also recited a short poem.

Kushboo returned, emerging in a fabulous outfit of a black dress with pink flowers worn under a red corset type gown, to perform to a few more songs, including Kylie Minogue’s ‘The One’.

Go on, express yourself

Adding that the T-party would be a monthly event, Kushboo says, “This gathering isn’t just for those identifying as homosexual or trans. It is for anyone on the fringes of society. Basically, everyone who is not invited to the other tea parties can come here!”


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