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I’d like to meet Rajinikanth: Dwayne Bravo

The atrium of Express Avenue reverberated with loud cheers as Dwayne ‘DJ’ Bravo staged his dramatic entry, surrounded by bouncers. The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) all-rounder was there to promote EA Cricket May-Hem, a VR-powered cricket experience, and had the crowd in raptures as he virtual-whacked a delivery for a six. In a chat with Sundaylite, Bravo spoke candidly about all things cricket and entertainment. Excerpts:

It looks like the game is no longer restricted to physical spaces alone…

l Cricket is literally travelling places. When they approached me in my room to test this game, there wasn’t much space. But I still enjoyed it. It’s a different kind of challenge, and I enjoy challenges.

Your latest video Champion Super Cubs features the children of CSK players. How did you think of that?

l Every time the kids see me, they shout ‘DJ Bravo’. Harbhajan Singh’s daughter always refers to me as the ‘Champion’ guy (his debut single). She is not even aware that I am also a cricketer, just like her father. I call the kids ‘champion’ as well. That’s why I decided to do a special song for them. The team is very family-oriented. CSK’s social media guys helped me write the names of the kids, and I recorded it the very next day.

Tell us the story behind your signature dance move.

l I’m the kind of person who enjoys life. I feel that sport is entertainment. It is something people pay money to come watch and enjoy. They want to see their favourite players in action. I perform these dance steps so that fans can feel my energy and be happy.

Dwayne Bravo with Chennai Super Kings captain M S Dhoni

Dwayne Bravo with Chennai Super Kings captain M S Dhoni
| Photo Credit: R Senthil Kumar

You were featured in a Tamil film song (Chithiram Pesuthadi 2). Any acting plans at the moment?

l That’s a work in progress. I had my first opportunity in CP2, and that song still plays in my head at times. If another opportunity presents itself, I will grab it with both hands.

Are you aware of any of our superstars?

l I’ve heard of Rajinikanth, but I’ve never experienced watching a film of his. I should, soon. I’d love to meet him someday.

Imran Tahir and Harbhajan Singh tweet so often in Tamil. Have you managed to pick up the language as well?

(Laughs)… I’ll get there someday.

What’s on the cards now musically?

l I’m promoting my song ‘Asia’ now, and working on a couple of songs for the summer. For IPL 2020, I’ll be doing a special tribute song for MS Dhoni.

A word of advice from Dhoni that has stuck with you

He has always told me, ‘Never be scared of failures. Always trust the process, and as long as you prepare well and be honest to yourself, everything will take care of itself’.


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