Mane number 13 gets an OTT release

Vivy Kathirasan’s Kannada film Mane Number 13, was released on November 26 on Amazon Prime Video. The film was also released in Tamil as Pademuuna number veedu.

Produced by Krishna Chaitanya Mane Number 13 stars Ramana, Sanjeiv, Praveen Prem, Varsha Bollama, Aiswarya Gowda, Chetan Gandharva. The story revolves around five IT professionals, who face paranormal activities in the new house they shift to. Whether the threat they face is other-worldly or human becomes clear as the film unspools.

Mane Number 13 is not a regular horror movie,” Vivy says. “It is a horror thriller. I am excited that my début is on a streaming platform as it gives the film an international audience.” Vivy says the film was shot twice in each language and not dubbed in Tamil.

Mane number 13 gets an OTT release

Vivy chose to make his début in the horror genre as it has ample scope and the location was also limited to one house. “The horror story turns gradually into a thriller.” Vivy has written the story as well and promises a twist every 10 minutes.

Talking about the effectiveness of a horror movie on an OTT platform, Vivy says though nothing can match the effect of watching a film in a theatre, films can be enjoyed at home too. “If people use the home theatre or even head phones, the effect will be as good. Also many opt to watch horror and thriller movies at night. So the effect will be good.”

The young director has praise for OTT platforms. “They offer new directors like me a great opening. Especially, during the pandemic, such platforms gives you the option to watch the film from your home helping us reach our work out to you.”


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