Sanah Moidutty sings for Malayalam film

Singer Sanah Moidutty has recorded her first Malayalam playback song for the film Varayan. She says the song was a chance she had been looking forward to. Although there had been offers and talks about collaborations for Malayalam projects, over social media, nothing materialised until now. She landed the song as her name was suggested to the makers of the film by Satyam Audios which is involved in the film. “I do my covers in Mumbai. I don’t have a network in Kerala. I am being noticed, and am speaking to composers. It seems to be positive,” she says over phone from Mumbai. “And I definitely want to do more films in Malayalam.”

Sanah who has made a name for herself, among the Malayali audience, for singing covers of Malayalam songs. She has also sung for Hindi films and for composers such as AR Rahman and Vishal & Shekhar and films such as 24 and Meri Pyaari Bindu and numerous stage shows.

The singer who decided on a career in music out of love for it, had no idea how or where it would take her but she has done well for herself gradually working her way up. Besides Hindi and Malayalam, she has sung in Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi, and Telugu among other Indian languages. She has finished recording the song, which she says was a good experience.

“The music is by Prakash Alex, I am lucky to have got this break; the arrangements and the lyrics are good. I hope the audience likes it,” she says. Fluency, while singing, was not a problem for the Mumbai-bred Malayali. “Singing is not like speaking, fluency is not an issue there.”

Sanah sees this opportunity as an opening to the entire film industry in the south. “I have noticed that for my songs – Malayalam and Tamil – Malayalis like the Tamil songs a lot and vice versa. There is a connection between the two and I am looking forward to it leading to something.” The process of singing covers and originals, she says, is very different. The former is more independent as opposed to the latter which has many inputs.

Her plans for the year include making more covers; she confesses she is not as prolific as she would like to be.


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