Vijay Antony was mesmerised by this Kamal Haasan film

The man behind ‘Naaka Mukka’, Vijay Antony is a music composer-turned-actor, who made his acting début with Naan (2012). He achieved blockbuster success with Pichaikkaran (2016). A self-confessed fan of Kamal Haasan, Antony’s last movie was Kolaigaran, and he is currently working on Agni Siragugal, Kaaki and Thamilarasan. He recommends we watch these four films.

Guna (1991)

Vijay Antony was mesmerised by this Kamal Haasan film

The fact that they were able to pull off a film like Guna back then is an achievement in itself. I was completely blown away by its impact, so much so that I was speechless for days. I have a lot of fond memories about the film. Remember the climax scene? And the song ‘Kanmani Anbodu Kaadhalan’, where Kamal sir says, “Maane theane lam pottuko”… nothing can possibly come close to Guna. Nobody has even attempted to make something like Guna since.

Anbe Sivam (2003)

Vijay Antony was mesmerised by this Kamal Haasan film

The core value that Kamal sir conveyed through Anbe Sivam left me speechless. What’s marvellous about the film is that even small scenes push the narrative forward, when you think about it later. For instance, there’s a dog named Sangu that nearly gets killed. I cried for that scene. I still don’t know why. That was one of the several instances when I cried for Anbe Sivam. The ‘Poo Vaasam Purappadum’ song is one of my favourites. From its conception to the way it was picturised, everything was so perfect.

Aruvi (2017)

Vijay Antony was mesmerised by this Kamal Haasan film

The movie that I really loved recently was Aruvi. Be it the performance or its hard-hitting story, the film really moved me. The director did a fantastic job handling a sensitive subject. One of the biggest highlights of Aruvi was its interval block. There’s a subtle mass scene, and the actress (Aditi Balan) gave a breakout performance in the titular role. Even character artistes, like the one who says “Rolling sir!”, were brilliant in that movie. It was one film that gave me wholesome satisfaction.

Moondram Pirai (1982)

Vijay Antony was mesmerised by this Kamal Haasan film

Where do I even begin with this one? The two lead characters — Cheenu and Viji — stayed with me for a long time. Balu Mahendra sir did a fabulous job, and Moondram Pirai is a glowing example of how to make great cinema. The last scene where Cheenu meets Viji at the railway station kills you every single time when you watch it. I remember watching it for the first time and being left with a lingering sense of pain. Be it the songs to the way it was shot, Moondram Pirai was destined to be a classic.

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