When Prateek Kuhad met Singapore’s DJ Myrne

BookMyShow brought India’s Prateek Kuhad and Singaporean DJ Myrne together to swap notes about their music and their lands, for a show soon to be streamed online

This year of lockdowns has not created much of a distance between Prateek Kuhad and his many, many fans. And it would seem that he has picked up a new one: leading Singapore-based DJ Myrne.

The duo recently had an interaction about their music, and more, as part of My Singapore Connect, an initiative by Singapore Tourism Board and BookMyShow. The initiative is bringing together established names in various fields — food, music, cinema, comedy — to celebrate creativity in India and Singapore. In an e-mail interview, Myrne expresses his excitement about the campaign: “The music scene in India is mesmerising and complex. I’m a big fan of Goa trance, originating in the 1980s in Goa. The collaboration has helped me learn more about the rich histories of music in India, and I’m a big fan of Prateek now too!”

Prateek responds in kind, saying over e-mail: “It was a fun chat with Myrne to learn more about the food, culture and the finer details about the music scene in Singapore.” Does he look forward to expanding his horizons through it? His reply is politely non-committal. “Whether it opens this up to newer audiences, only time will tell,” he writes.

The audiences he has built so far, however, clearly have a bond with him, despite outdoor live gigs having largely been on hold since March. Says Prateek: “I’m always getting messages on Instagram, e-mails from fans and more. So there’s some amount of interaction from before and during the lockdown. We did the ‘Kasoor’ video entirely with fans and via my mailer base, which was really special. To see the fan reactions in the video was heartwarming; all the fan videos that got made post the release with their friends, families and more was fun to watch.”

A more recent creation that was well-received is Prateek’s song: written, composed and sung for the Netflix show Mismatched. “Akarsh Khurana (the director) had reached out about this project about an year ago with the story of Dimple and Rishi. This is Rishi’s song on the show and is written from his perspective; I got to write this while on tour,” he says, adding that he is happy to take on more such webseries “if the concept is interesting.”

When Prateek Kuhad met Singapore’s DJ Myrne


For Myrne, the lockdowns have been a creative challenge, and he admits as much despite his recent hit seven-track EP Wandering. “I’m inspired by the outdoors,” he says. “When the lockdowns started to happen, it definitely felt harder to write music on two fronts: one, I couldn’t seem to focus on sitting down and writing music, and two, it seemed like there was nothing much to write about.” It took him several months to “ease through the creative block with Wandering.” He adds, “The track EP contains a couple of vocal features from friends, recorded in isolation. It was a relaxed record that was centered around the day-to-day spontaneity of being, and a lot of people found solace in that.”

Both artistes see some merit in continuing online music lives even when the world unlocks properly again. But to know what their one-on-one conversation was all about, you will have to tune in to the episode, directed, conceptualised and produced by Big Bad Wolf along with the rest of the series.

The episode will be available for viewing on BookMyShow Online (BookMyShow’s online streaming platform for live entertainment) on December 6.


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