Australian newspaper prints rival’s pages by mistake

One of Australia’s most popular tabloids has out the blame on a printing error after pages from a rival newspaper appeared in its Thursday edition.

The Sydney-based Daily Telegraph accidentally printed two pages of the Sydney Morning Herald, BBC reported.

The pages included a letter calling for action to tackle climate change.

Daily Telegraph has apologised for the mistake and said it happened during the production process.

“Both papers share the same printing facility in Sydney’s west,” it said in a statement posted to Twitter. “We apologise for any confusion this has caused.”

The mistake was spotted by a number of readers who were quick to see the funny side.

Sydney Morning Herald journalist Kate McClymont was quick to have fun with the goof up. “No need to apologise. Having some [Herald] pages is a reader bonus,” Kate McClymont wrote on Twitter.

“Might have been someone’s last day on the job,” a Twitter user said.

“Extreme cost cutting? From sharing printing facilities to now sharing [the] same newspaper,” another wrote.


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