Declare assets by June 30, says PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday warned of legal action against the Pakistanis who do not declare their undisclosed assets by June 30.

He said that in the last 10 years, Pakistan’s debt had risen from PKR 6,000 billion to PKR 30,000 billion. “Our nation has suffered due to this. Our annual tax collection is around PKR 4,000 billion. Half of it goes to loan repayments that ‘they’ [previous governments] took.” Indicating that Pakistan cannot run on the money that is then left over, he added that the country has the capacity to collect PKR 10,000 billion every year.

“I appeal to you to take advantage of our assets declaration scheme. If we don’t pay taxes, we can’t move forward and rebuild this country,” he said, adding that people have time till June 30 to use this opportunity. After that, he warned, the government will come after those who have hidden their assets.

“We have information that no other government had; we have treaties with other countries that have informed us of Pakistanis with properties and bank accounts in foreign countries; our agencies have information of benami accounts and properties. Take advantage of this scheme.”

Mr. Khan called the action important to end poverty in Pakistan and for the future of the country.


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