‘French spiderman’ scales skyscraper harness-free

Dubbed the “French Spiderman”, Alain Robert scaled a skyscraper in Paris without a harness to raise funds for the renovation of Notre-Dame cathedral.

Television images showed Mr. Robert, 56, using horizontal struts running up the Engie headquarters’ curved facade and a protruding structure going top-to-bottom of the 185-metre building in La Defense business district.

Mr. Robert halted regularly to chalk his hands.

He was arrested shortly after competing the climb. “Because there’s no money left in the government coffers, the cathedral is alling into disrepair,” he said. His sponsors were writing a cheque of $5,650 to help finance the renovations.

He has climbed over 100 structures, including the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and Burj al Khalifa in Dubai.


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