Hand over sharp weapons, says Sri Lanka police

Sri Lankan police on Saturday directed the public that those who are in possession of any sharp-edged weapons like swords or Kris knives, and uniforms similar to that of the Army and the police, should deposit them at the nearest police station by tomorrow.

The move was taken after police recovered a large haul of weapons, including swords, during searches of mosques following the Easter Sunday’s suicide attacks.

Announcing the amnesty scheme, police spokesperson Ruwan Gunasekera said “This will be in effect from today until tomorrow… If you are having police or camouflaged military uniforms, please hand them over to the nearest police station”.

The police said that several people, including politicians, were arrested for their possession of sharp-edged weapons since the crackdown began.

Mr. Gunasekera also requested the relatives of the blast victims to assist the police in performing DNA tests on them as around 56 bodies, laying in the Colombo judicial medical officer’s mortuary, are yet to identified. “Relatives of anyone missing since April 21 who might have been in areas of explosions, please inform the nearest police stations,” Mr. Gunasekera said.


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