‘Iran won’t breach nuclear deal now’

Iran will not exceed on Thursday a uranium stockpile limit agreed under a nuclear deal with world powers, contrary to what Tehran said earlier this month, according to a diplomatic source in Vienna.

“They won’t exceed it today,” the source said.

The source suggested that there might be a “political reason” for this, given intensified efforts by European governments in recent days to de-escalate tensions in the Gulf region.

There was no indication at present to suggest that the agreed limit would be exceeded this weekend either, the source added, saying that Tehran can suspend its uranium enrichment activities at any time. Iran had said 10 days ago that it would surpass the agreed 300-km reserve of enriched uranium on June 27.

Speaking at a seminar that took place in Vienna, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi said: “We are in the middle of an economic war with the U.S., not a military war — yet.”

Tensions rose because of the economic war. “There will be no de-escalation unless there is a ceasefire in this economic war,” he added.


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