Japan searches for Hagibis survivors as toll rises to 56

Tens of thousands of rescuers worked into the night on Monday to find survivors of a powerful typhoon in Japan that killed at least 56 people, as fresh rain threatened to hamper their efforts.

Typhoon Hagibis crashed into the country on Saturday night, unleashing high winds and torrential rain across 36 of the country’s 47 prefectures, triggering landslides and catastrophic flooding.

National broadcaster NHK said that 56 people had been killed and 15 were still missing.

“Even now, many people are still unaccounted for in the disaster-hit area,” Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told an emergency disaster meeting on Monday.

“Units are trying their best to search for and rescue them, working day and night,” Mr. Abe said.

Later in the day, he pledged to “do whatever the country can” for victims and survivors, ordering the Defence Ministry to call up to 1,000 reserve troops to join 31,000 active forces in search operations.


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