No talks unless U.S. stops hostile policies: North Korea

North Korea said on Sunday it has “no intention” to continue nuclear talks unless the U.S. takes steps to end hostilities, a day after negotiations in Sweden broke down.

The discussions in Sweden followed months of stalemate following a February meeting between the North’s leader Kim Jong-un and President Donald Trump, and came after Pyongyang’s defiant test of a sea-launched ballistic missile on Wednesday.

The North walked away from the Sweden talks, saying it was disappointed at the lack of “new and creative” solutions offered by Washington, although the U.S. insisted it was willing to meet again in two weeks.

But a spokesman for North’s Foreign Ministry said Washington’s claims about another meeting was “ungrounded”.

“We have no intention to hold such sickening negotiations as what happened this time before the U.S. takes a substantial step to make complete and irreversible withdrawal of the hostile policy toward the DPRK,” he said. “The fate of future talks depend on the U.S. attitude, and the end of this year is its deadline”.


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