Pakistan soldier chops off wife’s hair for not covering her head with dupatta

A Malakand Levies force personnel in Pakistan has been accused by his wife of torturing her and cutting off her hair for not covering her head during a family function earlier this month.

An FIR has been lodged against the personnel at the Mathra police station in Peshawar, according to Daily Times.

The woman has alleged that the incident occurred when she was attending her husband’s cousin’s wedding. The ‘dupatta’, or the long scarf typically worn by women in South Asia, slipped off her head while greeting relatives at the door, which apparently angered her husband.

Upon reaching home, the husband was physically violent towards the wife, following which he grabbed a pair of scissors and cut off all her hair as “punishment.”

“There was no one else in the room except my three-year-old child and so he continued beating me,” a police official quoted the woman as saying.

The husband then threatened to kill the woman if she shared details regarding the brutal act of domestic violence with anybody.

This led to the delay in the incident being brought to the police’s attention, according to the survivor.

The police have said that the accused will be arrested soon.

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