Venezuela opposition leader returns home

Opposition leader Juan Guaido returned to Venezuela on Tuesday after an international support-building tour and called on the people in the crisis-wracked nation to keep pushing back against President Nicolas Maduro.

Mr. Guaido — who had defied a travel ban to visit Colombia, the U.S., Canada and several European nations — was greeted by a throng of cheering supporters in Caracas.

“We’re in Caracas now. I bring back with me the commitment of the free world, ready to help us regain democracy and freedom,” Mr. Guaido wrote on Twitter, before tweeting a picture of himself at passport control that was captioned “HOME.”

Shortly before his arrival, fighting broke out between his followers — including several lawmakers — and Mr. Maduro’s supporters.

“Guaido, fascist!” shouted employees of the state-run airline Conviasa.


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