Washed cars to support studies, India born politician takes oath as MLA in Australia with Bhagwad Gita in hand

India born politician, Deepak Raj Gupta, was sworn in as the first Indian Australian member of Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Legislative Assembly on Tuesday.

Born in a middle class family, Deepak Raj Gupta had to wash cars and work in a restaurant in Chandigarh to support his studies.

Gupta took oath as MLA of Gungahlin constituency with a copy of Holy Bhagwad Gita in his hand. He is also the first Australian-Indian origin MLA from the Labour Party in ACT.

He went to Australia to study information technology in 1989 and was granted PR in the year 1991.

Deepak Gupta’s brother Anil Raj who lives in Chandigarh told India Today TV that the family is thrilled with the honour.

He told that Deepak was runner up in the elections held in 2016 for Gungahlin constituency, the fourth town of Canberra. Since the winner who was also from the Labour Party resigned recently, so Deepak was nominated for the Parliament as per norms.

Deepak Gupta is also the first elected member to take oath with Gita in the ACT Legislative Assembly. As an active leader of the Australian-Indian community, efforts of Deepak Raj were recognised with several awards including the excellence in community service awards. He was also awarded the Community Advocate Award by the Government of ACT in 2012.

Speaking to the media about Deepak’s struggle, Anil Raj told India Today TV that their family moved to the city in 1973. Deepak studied in Government Senior Secondary School and the Graduated from DAV College. Born in a middle class family, Deepak landed in Australia with just 150 dollars in his pocket. He washed cars, worked in restaurants to sustain his studies.

He later worked as an Executive Officer in the Defence Department. He was also the President of Australia-India Business Council (AIBC) for 10 years and was also a member of the AIBC National Executive Board of Directors.

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