Watch | Paris’ rooftop cellist

A video on Camille Thomas who has taken to playing her cello on Parisian roofs during France’s COVID-19 lockdown

France recently declared a second national lockdown. But one can still hear the sound of music coursing through Paris’ rooftops.

Cellist Camille Thomas contributes in her way to sustaining the city’s art. She continues to play her cello, a Stradivarius dating from 1730 perched on the roof of the historic Institut de France.

The 32-year-old playing Maurice Ravel’s “Kaddish” carries on to residents nearby.

This isn’t the first time the cellist has taken to performing on the rooftops of Paris.During France’s first lockdown, videos of the cellist performing on rooftops went viral.

The Franco-Belgian cellist also started a project playing in empty museums during the pandemic.


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