2,230 centenarian voters

The State has 2,61,51,534 voters in all, of which 2,230 are centenarians, according to the final list published on Saturday ahead of the April 23 Lok Sabha polls.

Of the total voters, 1.26 crore are men, 1.34 crore are women, and 174 belong to the third gender. Of the voters aged above hundred, 794 are men and 1,436 are women.

The Election Commission had received nine lakh fresh applications for enrolment after January 30, Chief Electoral Officer Teeka Ram Meena said on Saturday. In the 18-19 age group, there are 5,49,969 voters, with Malappuram accounting for the highest number – 84,438, followed by Kozhikode – 67,028.

As many as 19,63,817 voters in the State are aged above 70. Overseas electors number 87,648 in all. The highest number of voters is in the 30-39 age group; 57,67,127, followed by the 40-49 age bracket; 55,09,016.

Election officials have also finalised the number of people with disabilities who may require special assistance such as transport to vote.

According to the latest figures, there are 1,35,753 voters in this category.


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