‘A great painting has an everlasting appeal’

“There are innumerable ways of expression. But art remains in the memory for ever. It is art that makes people immortals,” Chandrakanth Joshi, veteran artist and theatre personality, said here on Sunday.

“Creativity is to express a thought that comes from deep within an individual, but has universal acceptance or appeal. This is why a creative work appeals to every connoisseur and changes him, at least temporarily. A great painting is like a piece of music that has everlasting appeal. You feel like going back to it again and again,” he said.

The Kolhapur based artist was here to inaugurate an exhibition of landscape paintings of contemporary artists.

Mr. Joshi gave tips to young artists to think about varied themes and find expression in their own way. “A painting is not great because it sells for a high price. It becomes great when it appeals to a large number of people in the most meaningful manner,” he said.


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