A.P. Cabinet gives nod to abolish Legislative Council

The Andhra Pradesh (A.P.) Cabinet has cleared the decks for the abolition of the Legislative Council by passing a resolution to that effect in its meeting a short while ago.

The Cabinet resolution will be sent to the Legislative Assembly where a discussion is scheduled later in the day on ‘Consequences arising after Bills passed by the Legislative Assembly’ under Rule 169.

Parliament to approve

It is meant for scrapping the Council and officially communicating it to the Central government as a step towards it’s approval by both Houses of Parliament.


Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy has questioned the relevance of the Council accusing it of obstructing Decentralisation and Inclusive Development of All Regions and Capital Region Development Authority Repeal Bills.

These Bills were ratified by the Assembly last week but referred to a select committee by the Upper House amidst stiff opposition by the ruling party MLCs who are in a minority.

A stumbling block

The CM went to the extent of saying that there was no point in spending a huge sum (₹ 60 crore per year) on the Council if it comes in the way of important government business in the Legislature.

He also mentioned in the Assembly that only six States have Legislative Councils and he was against allowing the Legislative Council of A.P. to function with a political agenda.


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