A writer’s view of life in a faceless world

‘Life in a faceless world’, a novel by an Indian American writer Cyril Mukalel, depicting the life of a South Asian woman, Nila, who had to relocate to the United States (US) following an arranged marriage is gaining popularity among the immigrants in America.

Talking to The Hindu here on Friday, Mr. Mukalel said the book was “an attempt to promote a greater understanding of diverse cultures and promotion of friendship, thereby removing the sort of fear incited from ignorance among the immigrants.”


Hailing from a hamlet of Neendoor in the Central Travancore district of Kottayam, Mr. Mukalel says the Booker Prize winner Arundhati Roy who too hails from his home district was the immediate inspiration behind his journey in the world of letters.

A resident of the State of Minnesota for the past two decades, the 50-year-old has chosen writing his main vocation. His accomplishments include winning the 2013 Loft Inroads Fellowship and numerous other awards for his short stories and poems.

Life in a faceless world centres around the life of Nila, wife of an Indian techie. “Nila is an amalgam of experiences of many young Indian girls who leave their country for a new life in the U.S.,’’ he said.


The book aptly portrays the travails of the immigrant workers in the Information Technology sector in America and their family.

Mr. Mukalel said his attempt was to give a human face to these techies, aptly portraying the mindset of Indian immigrants in the US.

Minnesota State representative Kristin Robbins introduced the book at the recent Indian Heritage Festival held in Minnesota.

Mr. Mukalel said his book would be highlighted at the upcoming Twin Cities Book Fair. “America is a melting pot. The strength of Indian immigrants in the US is centred around their cultural values and heritage. My effort was to make the second generation of Indian immigrants properly aware of their rich tradition and cultural heritage,” he said.


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