Animal husbandry sector suffers ₹15.17 crore loss

Cattle and poultry farmers have sustained heavy losses in the floods that hit central and northern districts of the State during the past week.

The State’s animal husbandry sector has reported losses to the tune of ₹15.17 crore. As many as 148 cows and 87,937 chicken were killed in the floods and landslips that hit the largely-agrarian districts.

Fifty-six heifers, 77 calves, 11 buffalo, 111 goats, 884 ducks, 66 pigs, 12 geese, three turkeys and one rabbit also died in the calamity, the Animal Husbandry Department said, citing a report that listed the losses in the sector till Tuesday evening.

As many as 746 cattle sheds were destroyed and 2,197 damaged in rain-related incidents. Thirty-five establishments under the Animal Husbandry Department have reported damage.

After the 2018 floods, the department and the agencies under it had launched a scheme to introduce cattle from outside the State to replace the cattle lost in that year’s floods.

This year, the department had started relief camps for the sector in the affected districts from August 10. The department has also sanctioned ₹2 lakh each for all districts except Thiruvananthapuram and Kasaragod for undertaking distress relief measures. The two districts were issued ₹1 lakh each.


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