Anthoor municipal chairperson P.K. Shyamala resigns

Anthoor municipal chairperson P.K. Shyamala has stepped down amid protests brewing in her party, the CPI(M), over the suicide of NRI businessman Sajan Parayil.

According to sources, Ms. Shyamala, who is wife of senior CPI(M) leader M.V. Govindan, announced her decision to step down at the party district committee meeting held here on Saturday morning. The committee which called her to explain her version on the controversy over the suicide of Sajan is learnt to have asked her to resign as chairperson of the munipality.

Her resignation took place as the party is scheduled to hold a public meeting at Anthoor in the evening on Saturday to explain the party’s stand on the issue. Ms. Shyamala has been under pressure from her party leadership as the family of the deceased businessman alleged that he had committed suicide on June 18 under strain caused by the denial of permits for the multi-crore convention centre he had built at Bakkalam here. The family said that it was Ms. Shyamala’s adamant stance that led to the denial of permits for the building.


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