As pandemic shadow hangs over polls, it’s digital tools for virtual campaigning

Professional teams have been roped in to enhance social media presence of candidates

Conventional electioneering tactics and tools are passe in the times of COVID-19. So, candidates for local body elections have started creating their own social media war rooms with technical support from professional digital media strategists in different parts of Kozhikode.

One such leading professional team manages 10 candidates who are seeking to improve their social media presence with quality promotional content, photographs, and video presentations. Most of them are from Mavoor, Mukkom, and Thiruvambadi.

Live interactions

The war room operators are primarily tasked with arranging the maximum number of live interactions with voters through Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Photo shoots have been scheduled for most of these candidates to create quality online promotional materials. The agencies hire professional photographers, videographers, and editors to dish out the best possible digital content.

Up to ₹1 lakh

“We have social media campaign packages exclusively for local body candidates from ₹10,000. Based on additional requirements, the cost can go up to ₹1 lakh,” says Nijin Navas, head of a specialised agency in the digital promotion campaign. The firm’s client list has all political fronts. With outdoor options ruled out, the candidates feel that the digital route is the best bet.

Interestingly, the firms are offering the candidates some gifts too.

Free song

The winners will get a free song composed by professional musicians to celebrate their victory. A video profile to thank the voters is another inducement. Since the firms target only their clients’ victory, they have not as yet come up with a consolation package for the losers.

The digital war room ‘warriors’ have a hectic schedule now, creating and managing social media groups.

The main task, they say, is to add maximum number of voters to the digital platforms for interactive sessions and moderate it in a healthy way. The support of a number of professionals has been ensured in different areas to ensure a trouble-free virtual electioneering.


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