Autopsies to be conducted in new mortuary from tomorrow

A modern mortuary complex has been set up at the Government Medical College, Parippally, and the hospital will start conducting autopsies in medicolegal cases from August 1, said Health Minister K.K. Shylaja in a statement on Monday.

Residents of Kollam and Pathanamthitta and those from some areas of Thriuvananthapuram and Alappuzha could opt for the facility without having to commute a long distance.

The mortuary complex had been constructed following all the criteria of the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the provisions for higher studies in forensic medicine would be provided in the future, said the Minister.

The mortuary complex could currently conduct two autopsies at a time and two state-of-the-art electric tables had been installed for the purpose, she said.

Self-cleaning and provisions to adjust water and height levels were the specialities of the autopsy workstations. A classroom as per the MCI standards, gallery for students, inquest room, room for police officers, waiting room and seminar hall were part of the complex.

It had 16 automatic modular cold chambers for the storage of bodies. Each chamber had independent temperature settings which could be adjusted according to the requirements.

Forensic medicine

Since forensic medicine was part of the police training syllabus, there would be facilities for the same. Prosecutors and magistrates would be provided forensic training at the hospital.

The forensic medicine department at the hospital along with the police surgeon team would offer training to doctors including the Ayurveda and homoeo streams. Apart from that, the hospital would arrange the provision for students from private medical colleges to watch the autopsy.

The forensic medicine department was also in charge of conducting potency tests referred as part of police cases.

The autopsy procedures would be led by a team including a police surgeon, a deputy police surgeon and two assistant police surgeons. All team members were experienced doctors with MD degrees.

The government recently inaugurated 11 projects including various ICUs in the hospital and the work to set up a dialysis unit and a cath lab was in the final phase, the Minister added.


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