BJP will be a constructive Opposition: Arvind

Member of Parliament D. Arvind, on Sunday, declared that his party would act as a constructive Opposition in the Nizamabad Municipal Corporation (NMC) as it could not achieve the magic figures to take the reins of the civic body administration. He said that the BJP would not indulge in offering inducements to defect corporator-designates of other parties.

“Though we have emerged as the single largest party in NMC and falling short of a few seats to assume power, we will act as the Opposition constructively to check corrupt practices of the ruling party. Over 75 per cent of the majority community voted for BJP and it is a clear vote against MIM and TRS,” he said while addressing a press conference.

He was confident that his party corporators would never defect to TRS as they were wise and committed to the BJP. “It was a vote for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his leadership,” he said.

The MP also said that the TRS leaders should introspect seriously as their party would lose its hegemony across the State in the coming days and ultimately in the next Assembly elections, would experience a humiliating defeat in the hands of BJP. “Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao is a disgrace to Hindu religion as he is opposing the CAA and NPR,” he said.

Accusing KCR of threatening pensioners that they would forego pensions if they didn’t vote for the TRS, he said that the “CM degraded the value of his Constitutional position.”

“KCR is surviving as the CM as the Opposition is not strong. With the emergence of BJP as a strong rival, he will have to face the music in future,” he added.


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