Brimming SRSP raises hope in ayacut farmers

Just 0.5 ft short of the Full Reservoir Level (FRL) of 1091.20 ft the Sri Ram Sagar reservoir is holding 83.253 tmc ft water, which is 7 tmc ft less than its full capacity of 90.20 tmc ft as on Thursday. The present inflow is 6,347 cusecs. This day last year the water position in the project was 45.200 tmc ft at 1077.20 ft.

The reservoir which contained only 5 tmc ft, almost at dead storage level, in the beginning of the monsoon slowly but steadily received 82.209 tmc ft since June 1. At this stage now it is believed that one or two heavy rains in coming few days in its catchment area in the district or the upstream the river Godavari in Maharashtra will fill the reservoir to its FRL.

Farmers under the SRSP ayacut, meanwhile, are happy over the water position in the reservoir as it would ensure bumper harvests in the current kharif and also in the forthcoming yasangi (rabi). Water is likely to be released if need be at the flowering stage in the current kharif and for raising paddy seedlings and also transplantation and regular wetting in the entire rabi.

As of now, 883 cusecs is withdrawn from the project every day only for drinking water purposes in Koruta, Jagtial, Nirmal, Adilabad, Nizamabad, Kamareddy and Armoor, according to official sources.


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