Call data records to unravel student’s death

The post-mortem report and call data records will help shed light on the suspicious death case of 21-year-old S. Jyostna, who was found lifeless in the house of her former lecturer Ankur Kisle in Akkayapalem on April 15, police said.

Jyostna’s mobile phone, which was retrieved from the crime scene, was locked. After registering a case, police sent the mobile phone to a forensic lab to open the lock and retrieve the call data and messages in a bid to gain further information regarding her death.

Police are also awaiting the post-mortem report, which is expected to be ready in a day or two. Police said that the report would play a crucial role in ascertaining whether Jyostna’s death was a suicide or a murder.

Both Mr. Kisle and Mr. Patel have claimed innocence in the case, and have in their statement to police said that they were unaware that Jyostna had come to their house. In their statement, they said that they saw Jyostna dead after they returned home in the afternoon.

Mr. Patel was a former lecturer of Jyostna, and has informed police that she had once expressed a romantic interest in him in the past. Mr. Patel said he discouraged Jyostna’s feelings and had even told her parents about it.

Police said they are investigating the case from all angles.

Protests continue

Meanwhile, women’s organisations continued with their allegations that Jyostna’s death was a a premeditated murder. Several outfits decided to take up the issue with Women’s Commission Chairperson Nannapaneni Rajakumari, who is visiting Visakhapatnam on April 18.


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