Cong. behind infiltration in Assam: BJP

BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav on Friday accused the Opposition Congress for encouraging infiltration in Assam and even backing out from updating the National Register of Citizens.

He also accused former CM Tarun Gogoi of backing out in 2010 after protests during the initial preparation and “ran away” from the NRC updation.

“Who allowed infiltration from Pakistan? It was the Congress government at the Centre in 1967 who repealed the Prevention of Infiltration from Pakistan Act and opened doors for infiltrators from the then East Pakistan to come into Assam and Northeast,” alleged Mr. Madhav at a press conference at the BJP Assam unit headquarters.

It is Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal of the BJP who took up the NRC process again under the guidance of the SC, Mr. Madhav added.

Hitting out at the Congress, he said, “They are friends of infiltrators and tell us how to deal with them. They are a part of the infiltrators. They are the real enemies of the interests of Assam and the Northeast.


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