Corporates offer bribes to Maoists

The corporate world does not spare any effort in minting money even if it means bribing the obstinate Maoists. Former Maoist Central Committee member Oggu Satwaji and others spoke about such efforts of companies in the last few years.

“There have been instances where the party was offered bribes for permitting mines in tribal areas. Though we had given in in one case of iron ore mining in Gadchiroli, the decision of the party was reviewed and revoked in 2107,” Mr. Satwaji disclosed. Another revelation by another surrendered extremist brought to light a new tactic being used by contracting firms in Telangana. These companies operating in other States in India require to fell trees while carrying out works in the forests.

“Surrendered naxalites, including me, have been contacted by some contracting firms and offered money in lieu of mediating between them and the party. They wanted us to use our old contacts and bribe the active leaders so as to allow them to carry their work in the jungles unhindered,” a former District Committee member of Maoists disclosed.


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