Crackdown on omnibuses begins

Massive irregularities indulged in by all-India tourist omnibus (AITOB) operators were unearthed on Wednesday, the first day of Operation Night Riders launched by the Motor Vehicles Department to keep tabs on private bus operators.

During the drive across the State, sleuths of the MVD Enforcement wing checked over 100 buses operating to and from the key cities of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh and detected 28 grave offences committed by the operators.

The offices of the operators in key cities and towns across the State were also inspected following complaints that many did not have the mandatory Licensed Agent for Public Transport licence and were fleecing the travellers.

Fines amounting to ₹40,000 were slapped on the erring operators and notices served on 30, an MVD official told The Hindu. Collecting individual fares, transport of goods, and tampering with speed governors were among the 28 offences detected in the checks, ordered by State Transport Commissioner Sudesh Kumar.


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