‘Credit for Grama Vaastavya goes to coalition govt., not JD(S) alone’

Deputy Chief Minister G. Parameshwara on Monday clarified that the credit for the Grama Vaastavya programmes undertaken by Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy goes to the coalition government and not the Janata Dal (Secular) alone.

Speaking to reporters here on Monday, Dr. Parameshwara said Mr. Kumaraswamy was the Chief Minister of the coalition government comprising the Congress and the JD(S). “Will the credit then go to the JD(S) alone? It will go to the entire government,” he said.

Far from bringing only the JD(S) nearer to people, the Grama Vaastavya programmes help take the administration to the people, he said. When pointed out that only JD(S) workers were found during these programmes, Dr. Parameshwara clarified that Congress’s Ministers and workers too had participated in them.

He said the Congress leaders will undertake Grama Vaastavya programmes shortly and the dates will be announced in due course of time. “When the Congress leaders take it up, the JD(S) leaders and workers will also participate in it,” he said.

Referring to the criticism heaped upon the Grama Vaastavya programmes by the BJP, Dr. Parameshwara said it was “natural” for the Opposition to criticise the government. “Even if the Chief Minister takes out a padayatra, the Opposition will criticise him. The BJP will criticise even the Jana Samparka Sabhes of the Congress,” he said.

He hoped the Opposition BJP would understand the purpose of holding the Grama Vaastavya programmes. When the Chief Minister visits a village and spends time there, it gives the residents an opportunity to bring their grievances to the notice of the government, he said.


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