Delhi, Maharashtra see largest number of COVID fatalities

Kerala, Delhi and Maharashtra top list of States/UTs having both the largest number of new cases and recoveries: Ministry

The country registered 44,509 new COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours, with Kerala, Delhi and Maharashtra topping the list of States/UTs having both the largest number of new cases and recoveries. Delhi and Maharashtra also had the largest number of fatalities in this period, as per data released by the Union Health Ministry on Monday.

Delhi in the past 24 hours reported 121 deaths, 6746 new cases and 6,154 recoveries, while Maharashtra reported 50 deaths, 5,753 cases and 4,060 recoveries. In the same period, Kerala reported 6,227 recoveries and 5,254 new cases.

“At present, the active COVID-19 caseload of the country is (4,43,486). The recovery rate continues to be above 93%, as 93.68% of all cases have recovered as of date. In the last 24 hours, the country registered 41,024 new recoveries, taking the total recovered cases to 85,62,641. The gap between Recovered cases and Active cases is steadily increasing and presently stands at 81,19,155,’’ said the Ministry.

Non-COVID-19 cases

Reacting to the Delhi government’s move asking private hospitals to reserve 80% of their ICU beds for COVID-19 patients after the Capital saw a sharp spike in cases, the Association of Healthcare Providers (India) has said that the order is creating serious problems for patients in Delhi and those coming here from other States.

“These hospitals cater to many non-COVID patients who had been waiting for long for their elective procedures which had started and more than 50% of ICU beds in general were occupied with non-COVID patients,’’ said Girdhar Gyani, director general of the association.

The other problem faced by these hospitals was how to separate 80% beds from the rest 20%, he stated.

“To give you an example, if an ICU with 40-beds has to keep 32-beds for COVID-19, then how do we isolate the balance 8 beds for non-COVID-19 patients. This would mean that virtually all 40-beds would be used for COVID-19 patients. The other important issue is that some of these hospitals are undertaking quaternary care procedures like bypass heart surgeries, liver / kidney transplants, oncology, neuro/ stroke surgeries etc. Patients needing these procedures depend only on these hospitals and the order passed by the Delhi government virtually shuts the doors for these hapless patients. It appears as if as per the Delhi government, there are no non-COVID-19 patients in Delhi,” he added.


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