Doctors seek Ministry help over exam fee

Doctors from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi, have written to the Union Health Ministry asking it to urgently look into the “irregularities in MD/MS examination fee in AIIMS Rishikesh”, which is charging ₹15,000 as exit fee for the exam. While the AIIMS in Delhi charges ₹300, the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, charges ₹1,100 for the same exam, they said.

In the letter, AIIMS Resident Doctors’ Association president Dr. Amarinder Singh Malhi said: “We believe that appearing for final exams after fulfilment of all due requirements is the basic right of a resident and charging such exorbitant money for an exam is forceful and organised loot. We also want to highlight the fact that when you compare this fee with AIIMS Delhi, it is beyond logical reasoning.”

‘No RDA’

They also demanded that all AIIMS should have administrative uniformity and such irregularities should be checked by a committee.

“RDA is not allowed in AIIMS Rishikesh, which is highly unfair as residents have no proper channel for voicing their grievances against excesses of the administration. Such a decision by the AIIMS Rishikesh administration is hurting the credibility of AIIMS,” the letter added.


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