Family tree beckons art lovers to rail office

A large terracotta banyan tree is beckoning art lovers to the main building of the Railway Divisional Office at Olavakode.

The art work, called Employees Family Tree, has become the pride of the Palakkad Railway Division within a short time after its installation.

Railway officials say the terracotta art work is a symbol of unity and team work for the employees working at the divisional headquarters.

The tree carries the photographs of all employees, including divisional railway manager, on its prop roots.

Inspired from a similar art work installed at the Integral Coach Factory, Perambur, Chennai, the terracotta family tree has been erected at a cost of ₹8 lakh.

The Integrated Rural Technology Centre (IRTC), Mundur, undertook the terracotta installation.

Sculpture artist Rejish Kottayi led a team of artisans from the IRTC to complete the artwork. It took many weeks for Mr. Kottayi and team to set up the family tree.

Each leaf and branch was moulded in terracotta at the IRTC workshop at Mundur and the final work was erected in parts.

The family tree is erected in such a manner as to indicate different branches functioning at the Railway Divisional Office.

Images of employees working in each branch are pasted on them highlighting their names and designations.

Railway officials say that the terracotta family tree at the lobby of the main office building would give a reassurance to every employee that they are part of an organisation.

The Palakkad Railway Division has more than 6,500 employees. More than 500 of them are working at the divisional headquarters at Olavakode.

The headquarters, popularly called DRM’s office, has 13 branches such as general administration, accounts, commercial, electrical (general, traction distribution, and operations), engineering (civil and mechanical), operating, personnel, safety, security, signal and telecommunications.

The Palakkad division also several other offices, including a public relations wing. The two passenger helpline numbers of the division, 138 for passenger amenities and 182 for security, too are functioning at the headquarters.

The Palakkad division has 577.74 km routes and 1140.75 km tracks, extending from Podanur to Panambur Port. It also controls the Shoranur-Nilambur and Palakkad-Pollachi sections.

In the total route length, 409 km is electrified.

The division operates 160 passenger trains, including express and mail, and 60 freight trains a day. It carries 2.5 lakh passengers and handles 20,000 tonnes of freight a day, bringing a daily revenue of ₹3.5 crore.


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