Field common candidates, BJP challenges LDF, UDF

P.K. Krishnadas, national committee member of the Bharatiya Janata Party, on Sunday asked the the United Democratic Front and the Left Democratic Front to shed the facade of fighting elections against each other in the State.

At a press meet, he asked the fronts to field common candidates to fight the National Democratic Alliance in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections as the Congress and the CPI(M) were in ‘alliance’ at the national level.

The Periya murders were, perhaps, preventing the leaders from declaring the alliance openly, he said.

However, the Chief Minister’s speech in Thrissur on Saturday was close to giving a call to “all parties” to fight against the BJP, said Mr. Krishnadas.

“In his speech, the first point he raised was that Modi should not come to power and second, that the BJP should not get even the one or two seats that the party was expecting to win, which was call to keep the BJP out. Everyone knows how BJP leader O. Rajagopal lost the last Lok Sabha election in Thiruvananthapuram,” said Mr. Krishnadas.

Mr. Krishnadas also flayed CPI(M) State secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan for his alleged anti-India comments. Even when no Opposition party spoke against the action of the armed forces against terrorists, Mr. Balakrishnan spoke against it.

Hatred against Modi and the BJP had led to make such anti-India speeches, he said.

Farmer deaths

Mr. Krishnadas came down heavily on the State for not doing anything for farmers who had lost much during the last August floods. The CPI(M) leaders who were shedding tears for farmers in Maharashtra had not done anything to save the 24 farmers who died here.


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