Fluid matters| Lactation consultant

This may seem an odd career to a layperson, but to a new mother, it can be a god-send. Post-natal care and breastfeeding are major aspects of childbirth, which many mothers struggle with. Lactation issues can be difficult to deal with and often, new mothers don’t have many resources they can turn to.

Guiding light In India, lactation consultancy is still a nascent career with only a few serious takers, though numbers are growing. The job primarily involves teaching new mothers how to feed their babies, as well as helping with related issues. Those interested can pursue a certificate course at the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA), India, a part of CAPPA International. Sonali Shivlani, executive director of CAPPA India and a certified childbirth, lactation and pregnancy fitness educator, says, The main focus is to have professionals who provide education and support to parents in the child-bearing phase of their lives.

Chart it out Students need to have excellent soft skillscommunication, empathy and listening. Once certified, they can work with hospitals, nursing homes, birth centres, or through private practice.

Remuneration `3 lakh to`6 lakh per annum, depending on experience


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