Four from Coimbatore die in Jhansi aboard Kerala Express

Four people from Coimbatore aboard Train No. 12626 Kerala Express died on Tuesday in Jhansi, allegedly due to high temperature.

According to a release from the Jhansi Division Public Relations Officer (PRO), three people died inside the train and one died in Civil Hospital during treatment. Speaking to The Hindu, a fellow passenger, who was travelling in the train, identified the four as Balakrishnan (67), Pachaiappan (80), Deivanai (74) and Subbaraiyya. The PRO confirmed that it was Subbaraiyya who died in the hospital.

The Jhansi Division PRO told The Hindu that the bodies will be returned to their respective hometowns by Tuesday evening. Regarding the cause of death, the PRO said that the post-mortem report is yet to be prepared. However, the press release requested the passengers to consume adequate amounts of water and to contact the railway staff in case of any inconvenience.

The fellow passenger said that all the passengers experienced “unbearable heat” during the travel.

The release further said that all four passengers were travelling from Agra Cantonment Railway Station to Coimbatore. Pachaiappan and Balakrishnan were in the S-8 coach while Deivanai was in the S-9 coach.


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