Four sentenced to life imprisonment for killing Thali Panchayat Union Chairman Venkatesh in 2002

A Special Court for bomb blast cases in Poonamallee has sentenced four persons — all members of Maoist Communist Centre — to life-imprisonment for murdering Venkatesh, the then chairman of Thali Panchayat union in 2002.

The deceased Venkatesh, who initially owed allegiance to the CPI, was elected as a concillor and then elected as chairman in 1996, reportedly with the support of the accused. Then he shifted his loyalties to the DMK and took steps to strenthen the party.

Venkastesh had opposed the Maoist Communist Centre cadre and the way they collected donations. Due to the enmity arising out of this, the cadre reportedly hurled a bomb at him, and shot him using guns. He was murdered on May 8, 2002.

At the conclusion of trial, the special judge P.Chenthoorpandi pronounced the judgment on Tuesday in the case.

N.Vijayaraj, Special Public Prosecutor told The Hindu, “Over 15 persons were cited as accused in the brutal murder case. During the trial, three of them were murdered and the remaining were tried for offences including murder, and criminal conspiracy. At end of the trial, four persons were convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment while eight others were acquitted.”


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