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Srinivas Chindam and wife Archana love to see poultry growers count their chicks when they hatch. PoultryMon, their patented information device, allows poultry farms to monitor hatchery operations at every stage, helping with real-time data on temperature, humidity and other critical parameters.

“We forayed into IoT (Internet of Things) in the manufacturing industry on the strength of the family business of aerospace fasteners. Entering the poultry sector was coincidental,” says Srinivas. “One of our clients had a hatchery, where all chicks died one night due to negligence. We realised how critical it is to monitor live stock in real time and maintain ideal conditions throughout the hatch cycle.”

Archana, COO of their company MLIT Solutions, elaborates: “It spawned the idea of creating a smart management system through which the poultry farm manager can view the hatching process in real time on the mobile phone and get alerts when something goes wrong.”

A BTech from Nagarjuna University in Andhra Pradesh, Srinivas worked as an IT consultant in the US before returning to India and launching MLIT Solutions in 2015.

PoultryMon, launched in 2017, has brought a paradigm shift in poultry rearing by improving yield -1-2 per cent per hatch cycle -and the quality of the chicks. “PoultryMon helps our staff stay alert round the clock,” says K. Bala Rama Prasad, managing director, Lakshmi Sarada Hatcheries, Vijayawada. “For a unit processing 10 million eggs a year, improving efficiency by even 2 per cent would bring substantial gains.” Currently focused on Telangana, the Chindams want to expand to Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu as well as tap potential in the UAE.


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