Goa IT minister complains about ‘mass enrollment’ of casino employees in electoral rolls

Casino operators in Goa are trying to “infiltrate and influence” Lok Sabha elections by enrolling casino employees into electoral rolls, Goa Revenue and Information and Technology Minister Rohan Khaunte said in his complaint lodged with the State Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) on Saturday.

The Minister, who is an independent MLA representing the Porvorim Assembly constituency near Panaji, on Sunday charged that the owners of casinos were indulging in mass enrolment in order to influence government policy on the casino industry in the future.

Speaking to the media regarding his complaint, Mr. Khaunte said the CEO must probe all areas wherever casino clusters exist, to check if casino employees, especially those from the North Eastern States were being enrolled en masse into the electoral rolls in Goa.

“I have already filed a complaint with the CEO after I found 820 names of casino employees in my constituency of Porvorim. All the new additions have been routed through one internet protocol (IP) address,” Mr. Khaunte said.

“The mass enrolment is aimed at influencing Lok Sabha and other elections in order to elect politicians who are favourable to the casino lobby. The probe should also include all other areas of Goa wherever there are casino operations.”

There are seven offshore casinos operating in the Mandovi river off the city and nearly 10 offshore casinos operating from the various five-star and above category resorts.


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