HC restrains singer from sharing personal photographs with actor on social media

The Madras High Court on Friday accepted a plea made by an actress to restrain her estranged fiancé, a singer, from sharing their personal photographs with the mainstream media or on social media.

Justice N. Sathish Kumar passed the restraint order to protect the actor’s privacy. The judge also accepted her plea to maintain anonymity and redact her name from the cause title of the case.

The actor had actually filed a civil suit seeking damages from her estranged fiancé and prayed for interim orders injuncting him from sharing their photographs. Senior Counsel M.S. Krishnan represented her before the court.

The counsel told the court that the media had reported extensively about the case when the court granted leave to his client to file the suit. He said the actor did not want the details of the case to be made public.

On the other hand, a counsel representing the defendant disputed the actor’s contention that he was only her fiance and asserted that they actually got married and that he was her husband.

It was further stated that the defendant had shared some of their marriage photographs on the social media but pulled them down immediately after she sent him a threatening message. However, the actor had claimed them to be photos of their engagement ceremony held in Rajasthan and not marriage.


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