HDMC accused of charging exorbitant fee

“This year, the municipal authorities have asked us to pay ₹ 13.40 lakh. HDMC’s decision would curtail the event and dampen the spirit of Dasara festivities being organised here since long,” he said.

Mr. Hunasimarad said that the committee wrote a letter to the HDMC in June seeking permission to use the Kadapa Maidan to hold the event. However, the officials replied to the letter two days ago seeking ₹ 13.40 lakh as rent. They have further said that the Kadapa Maidan will be given to the committee to put up handicraft stalls and erect a stage for cultural events only after the committee pays the entire rent.

The Dasara event is being conducted for the last 15 years in association with the District Industries Centre, the Kananda and Culture Department and other local organisations. The HDMC too was renting out the space by charging nominal fee. But, this year, the HDMC is seeking exorbitant fee.

This Dasara event is organised free for the general public and there is no government funding also. The HDMC, instead of promoting such cultural activities, is making all efforts to impose a restriction, he said and added that and an intensified struggle involving people from all walks of life would be organised if the HDMC does not extend support to the event.


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