If there is a recession, people would be wearing dhoti-kurta, not pants and coat: BJP MP

“If there was recession, we would all have come wearing kurta and dhoti,” Virendra Singh, a BJP MP from Uttar Pradesh, told a gathering in Ballia in an apparent dig at the critics of the economic situation in the country.

Addressing an event in his constituency on Sunday, BJP MP Virendra Singh ‘Mast’ said there were discussions about the “recession” in Delhi and other places.

Mr. Singh asked: “Where is the recession? If there was recession, we would have all come wearing kurta and dhoti, we would not have a shawl, coat or jacket [to wear],” he said, pointing at the audience.

The senior BJP UP leader argued that the mere fact that people wore clothes like pyjamas, shawls, trousers and coats, showed they still had the purchasing power.

“If we did not purchase the pant, pyjama, shawl and other clothes at the shop, then where would it come from,” he asked.


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