Improve networking to increase sales, women entrepreneurs told

K. Ratna Prabha, former Chief Secretary, said recently that women entrepreneurs should improve their networking as this would help in the marketing of their products.

She was delivering the keynote address at the summit of women entrepreneurs organised by the Platform of Women Entrepreneurs (POWER) to mark its decennial celebrations here.

Ms. Prabha said digital marketing and online sales had helped many women entrepreneurs. But many women entrepreneurs’ associations were competing with one another. Hence, a consortia called Ubuntu had been formed in Bengaluru. This consortia was trying to help all associations ensure that there was cooperation instead of competition.

This consortia helped the women coordinate and network. It also helped them find markets. Normally, women entrepreneurs in a district marketed their products within the jurisdiction of the district. But with Ubuntu to help, they could market their products across the State and country. The Platform of Women Entrepreneurs, based in Udupi, could join the Ubuntu and use advantages provided, she said.

The State government will be forming a new industrial policy soon. Women entrepreneurs should place their demands before the government so that these could be incorporated into the policy, Ms. Prabha said.


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