In election affidavit, Smriti Irani says ‘not graduate’

Union Minister and BJP candidate from Amethi Lok Sabha seat Smriti Irani on Thursday submitted to the Election Commission that she did not complete her graduation from Delhi University.

In her affidavit filed during her nomination, Ms. Irani, who is contesting against Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, said she passed secondary school examination in 1991 and senior secondary school examination in 1993.

She said she did not complete her Bachelor of Commerce (Part-I) — a three-year degree course — from DU’s School of Open Learning in 1994.

In her affidavit for 2014 polls, she had reportedly said she graduated from the university in 1994, triggering a row over the veracity of her claim, with the Opposition parties alleging that she was not a graduate.

This year, she declared assets worth over ₹4.71 crore. According to the affidavit, Mr. Irani has movable property worth over ₹1.75 crore. Her immovable assets are worth ₹2.96 crore, which include an agricultural land valued at over ₹1.45 crore and a residential building of ₹1.5 crore.

There is no FIR pending against her and she has not taken any loan.

Her husband Zubin has movable property of more than ₹1.69 crore and immovable property worth ₹2.97 crore.


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