In unprecedented crisis lies unprecedented opportunity, says Sonia Gandhi; lauds Rahul Gandhi

The newly elected leader of Congress Parliamentary Party (CPP), Sonia Gandhi, on Saturday said that “in an unprecedented crisis, lies an unprecedented opportunity.” Addressing the 52 newly elected MP of Congress at the general body meeting of CPP Ms. Gandhi said that they fought the hardest battle ever.

“We were up against an election machinery with all odds stacked against us – unlimited resources, ability to manipulate public opinion and the spread of mischievous propaganda. I congratulate you for standing up successfully for the values and ideals of the Congress party, ” Ms. Gandhi said.

She applauded the kaaryakartas (workers) as front line soldiers whose resilience she said ensured 12.3 crore votes. She also thanked the voters calling a vote for Congress as a vote to safeguard the Indian Constitution.

With Congress president Rahul Gandhi unmoved by entreaties to rethink his decision to resign from president’s post, a good part of Ms. Gandhi’s speech was dedicated talking about 18-months tenure of her son. She said that Mr Gandhi ran a “valiant” and “relentless” campaign.

“As Congress president, he has given his all and toiled night and day for the Congress party. He demonstrated his fearless leadership, by taking the Modi government head on,” she said praising her son. She credited him for rejuvenating the organisation and for being victories in Assembly elections in Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

“Even as I speak, emotional messages are coming from all corners, vindicating his leadership. We all express our gratitude to him for his sincerity of purpose, his relentless effort, his hard work and leadership, ” she said.


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