Intimidating elderly woman: Panel takes case

The State Women’s Commission has taken a suo motu case in an incident in which an elderly woman was threatened by relatives posing as commission members.

The commission received an audio recording in which a woman could be heard demanding the money raised for the cancer treatment of the elderly woman’s granddaughter through crowdfunding. The girl, a college student, has been staying with her grandmother since the death of her parents.

Her teachers and classmates had approached the commission and according to their statement, her mother’s brother, his wife and some other relatives had been harassing the girl and her grandmother for the ₹27 lakh treatment fund raised with help of the public.

Legal measures

“The audio has been handed over to the District Police Chief and the Commission has directed the authorities to take immediate legal measures, including the arrest of those who tried to intimidate the woman,” said Commission member Shahida Kamal.

The Commission members, who visited the girl and her grandmother to record their statement, found that they were residing in an unsafe location and said measures would be taken to relocate them to a rented house near the girl’s college. The commission would also ensure that they were not subjected to harassment of any kind from the relatives. “Misusing the Commission’s name, especially for extraction of money, is a serious offence and stringent steps will be taken against the culprits to avoid similar incidents in the future,” she said.


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